About Us

Who Are We?

OLMETSAN METAL is located in a modern production facility with a monthly capacity of 3000 tons,using all kinds of technology and installed on an area of 8000 squaremeter in 10000 squaremeter of land.

Our facility is in the city of Kocaeli that is one of the biggest industrial city in Turkey,60 miles away from İstanbul.Kocaeli is very convenient in terms of logistics with it’s 34 ports and industrial dacility ducks on the coastline of Black Sea and Marmara Sea.

We are priviliged to serve customers in the following fields;

-Maintenance and Repair of Facility

-Structural Steel,

-Manufacturing and installation of storage tanks for crude oil and chemicals,silo and cyclones,

-Manufacturing pressure vessels,Manufacturing pipelines,Engineering and commissioning of industrial plant.